About us

Kimberly Ashton

Kimberly is a Wellness Coach, Macrobiotic counsellor, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Food Therapy teacher, Yin yoga & Hatha yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra practitioner and sound healer.

In 2013 she co-founded a plant-based nutrition cooking studio & health food store called Sprout Lifestyle in Shanghai, China, where she lived for almost 15 years. It was a pioneering concept in the natural foods industry in China and until 2018 was still the only plant-based nutrition school and studio of its kind in the country. Kimberly was head cooking teacher, content creator and curriculum developer and shared plant-based nutrition and well-being with thousands of students in both online and offline classes.

During Sprout Lifestyle’s operations there was a café open for 2 years which then became Better Bentos healthy meal box delivery.

She is a Healthy chef & consultant for wellness concepts and cafes, and Holistic wellness coach- mainly working with cancer and digestive health clients.

An Australian (but half Chinese and half British) she is also an author, speaker & facilitator on topics including TCM Smoothies, Plant- based nutrition, Holistic Detoxification, Macrobiotics, Food Therapy, Food Energetics, and of course Yin Lifestyle.

Kimberly’s teachers & training spans across the  Macrobiotic and Nutrition fields, to Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra, Taoist Yoga and Meditation, and she has studied with the Kushi Institute of Europe, Institute of Macrobiotics Portugal, Sebastian & Murielle Purcelle, Sarah Powers, Andre Riehl, Richard Miller, Fuyuko Toyota and Anne Douglas.

Check out her books “Healthy Smoothies: TCM inspired recipes,” by Kimberly Ashton
& Dr Zhang Yi Fang. And also “Macrobiotic Chinese Superfoods” (due out in 2019) on Amazon/ other online retailers of good wellness books.

If you are interested in booking a workshop or classes please contact: Kimberly@yinlifestyle.com

Frank Landgraf

Born and raised in Germany, Frank worked in the corporate engineering world for 34 years. In 2018 he left the industry and followed his passion as an acrobat, acrobatic & acroyoga teacher and co-founded Yin Lifestyle.

He started his acrobatic career in 1999 as a member of the modern dance company „Ars Saltandi“ (www.arssaltandi.de). After attending the first workshop with Thomas Beckmann, the leader of the “Kiel acrobatic community”, Frank developed a passion for more and more acrobatics. He led the acrobatic training in the Modern Dance Company for 7 years and then in 2010 moved to Vienna and taught acrobatics in his free time at the University of Vienna. He co-founded an acrobatic group (www.kreativsport.at) in 2012 which still exists today and it hosts one of the most beautiful acrobatic festivals in the world.

Frank has been giving acrobatic workshops and classes for 17 years including in Hildesheim, Hannover, Vienna, Shanghai, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, and his specialties are Icaria, handstand with partner (h2h) and standing acrobatics.

As an experienced acrobatic Frank has also taught workshops in kindergartens and schools and he can teach at different levels of difficulty, depending on the school, class or group.

Frank is currently travelling to the various acrobatic festivals all over Europe to continue learning more and improve his skills.

Frank trained in advanced Thai Massage Therapy training from Sunshine massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and teacher trainings in Qi Gong & Tao Yoga.

Frank is also a Tibetan Singing Bowls sound healing practitioner, trained by the Kathmandu Healing Center, and enjoys sharing the power of sound with students and clients.

If you are interested in booking a workshop or classes please contact: frank@yinlifestyle.com