Our Concept

We are passionate about the areas of health that we incorporate into Yin Lifestyle as below and love sharing our experience and the practices with more people. We’ve seen the benefits first hand ourselves and through our students and clients, it’s time for you too to try getting more Yin into your life.

Please let us know if you would like to work with us on workshops, book a private session or co-host an event in Australia, Asia or Europe.

Yin Yoga

Qi Gong

Food Therapy

The practice of Yin Yoga is relatively new as a term in the Western world, a world where yoga is more commonly known of Indian origin, but in actual fact Yin comes from an influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 5 element theory, TCM meridians and seasonal health care. Yin yoga is a practice of slow mindful yoga poses, mainly on the floor/mat, with long holds of 2-5 or more minutes, the aim is to go deeper through the body, fascia, muscles, ligaments, bones and gently stimulate the meridians of the body. It is also a wonderful opportunity to take time for yourself, to focus on breathing, body awareness, and leaves you feeling completely relaxed, your meridians open, qi flowing, and wanting more.

If you have never tried it do so, it’s a wonderful compliment to any other yoga style, sport/fitness or mindful movement practice, and our essence of Yin Lifestyle and quietening our body-mind.

We are firm believers in moving and keeping the body active at every age, and the practice of Qi Gong is one that supports your mind-body-soul beautifully. Derived from ancient Chinese wisdom Qi Gong is gaining popularity as people experience the benefits of this mindful practice. There are many styles of Qi Gong, at Yin Lifestyle we incorporate a blend of holistic breathwork, dynamic medical Qigong, animal flow, meridian Qigong and Tao Yoga into both seated and standing flow practices, and our Qigong workshops and classes in our retreats will leave you more rebalanced in mind & body state.

Always moving and always healthily flowing- that is the view of good health in this ancient wisdom practice.

At the core of our body and health, literally, is the stomach & digestive system, and eating nutrient rich foods, ingredients with high minerals in cooking, and understanding Yin- Yang and the energetics of food is our passion at Yin Lifestyle. We don’t only teach Yin foods or Yin food therapy, but how to select different foods for your lifestyle, the different impacts of how you cook your food, and how food is healing for each human body on the planet.

Our workshops, cooking classes and immersions bring together the elements of the Body and Food therapy and how focusing on one or the other is not complete.

We believe in integrating the wisdom of seasonal food, TCM and macrobiotic superfoods, the energetics of food and sharing this knowledge with you in practical ways so you too can take your health into your hands. Ultimately you can use food as a tool to enhance your meditation, yoga, qi gong, massage practice and relaxation ability.

Check out our regular Yin Lifestyle Food Therapy workshops, immersions and study tours.

Nidra Yoga

Sound Healing

Thai Massage

In order to achieve balance on a regular basis or at least know the right steps to take to move towards relaxation we love to introduce practices such as nidra yoga (or yoga nidra as its known in the Western world) which train the mind to concentrate on relaxation. It sounds paradoxical but it actually makes sense as we practice and train our bodies and minds in so many other things but not to stop, breath, cultivate awareness and deeply relax.

Nidra yoga is the practice of “conscious sleep” or often referred to as yoga sleep as its practiced lying down. Through guided meditation, training techniques and exercises you allow yourself to move to a very deep state of relaxation, often not accessed by other styles of yoga or self-care practices. Sometimes compared to hypnosis you are in that deep state but fully awake in your conscious and sub conscious.

At Yin Lifestyle we incorporate & explore Nidra yoga on a number of levels to truly reach the core of our beliefs that everyone wants, needs & yearns to slow down. If Yin Yoga is or isn’t slow enough for you then Nidra Yoga will take you to new levels of deep relaxation, please try it, we promised you will enjoy the experience.

At Yin Lifestyle, we base our philosophy of slowing down, reconnecting and practicing true relaxation together with sound healing. The combination of sound vibration is therapeutic and you have probably seen, heard of and maybe even experienced some sound healing sessions. Typically practiced with any combination of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, drums, flutes, guitars, and various instruments the goal is to use sound and vibration to relax our physical body and minds. Through psychological changes in our brain waves, our fascia (we’re made of mainly flowing fluids in our body so you can imagine how soothing this is), and even down to each cell, the power of sound healing is wonderful and tonifying.

Every session is different and unique for you as an individual, sound healing sessions can go deep into your physical and energetic body and support not only healing but aligning your health & well-being.

When you combine the power of relaxation, sound healing together with your awareness and set intentions you become attuned into your subtle body and enjoy frequencies of more relaxation, happy emotions and a more balanced state of being.

We love the singing bowls, crystal bowls and koshi chimes but our sound healing sessions also include natural voice and some toning between the teacher and students for your own voice.

Traditional Thai massage (TTM) is a system of massage techniques known in Thailand as Nuat Phaen Boran, which literally translates as „massaging according to an ancient pattern“. In Western Europe it is also called Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Massage consists of passive stretching positions and stretching movements, joint mobilisations and pressure point massages. Simply put, it can be summarized as a combination of (passive) yoga and acupressure. Selected energy lines, which according to Ayurvedic teachings run through the body as an energetic net, are worked on with gentle stretching and the rhythmic pressure of the ball of the thumb, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet. It is characterised by the dynamic and powerful aspect of human touch & therapeutic.

A classic Thai massage for a patient without special complaints can take between 30 and 90 minutes. For clients/patients with special injuries or diseases, treatment can take up to 3 hours. For the patient/client, Thai massage offers the possibility that he is not only freed from blockages and tensions on the physical level, but often also on the mental and emotional level. Furthermore, the clients can be brought into a deep relaxation. The aim of Thai massage as a holistic therapy is to take you to a state in which your body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes are restarted.

A treatment with Thai massage can help with the following health issues:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Muscular tension
  • Stress-related diseases such as sleep disorders
  • Nervousness or burn-out syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Circulatory and circulatory disorders
  • Blood pressure regulation disorders (hypertension, hypotension)
  • Disturbances of the digestive tract
  • Energetic imbalance


Acro yoga (based on lying acrobatics) and Acrobatics (based on standing acrobatics) are great sports where the whole body is trained. It’s about improving balance, strength, flexibility and agility. It’s also about trust with each other and respect for each other and the social component is big plus, because you can’t do this sport alone. You inevitably always have great people to train with and have a lot of fun with, life is meant to be relaxed and enjoyed! Another big advantage is that anyone can do this sport. Acroyoga is suitable for all ages and levels, in our Yin Lifestyle acro workshops and classes we’ve had everyone from 4-year-old children to 60-year-old adults, so there is something for everyone.

Acrobatics includes a wide field of different sports like aerial silk, contortion, sports acrobatics, dance acrobatics and much more. In our courses we will focus on partner acrobatics with 2 or more people. Our workshops and classes are slowly built up and can be adapted to the level of the participants. Let’s fly together in a different way, the Yin way!