Retreats & Study tours

We have a number of annual wellness retreats and study tours for those who want to take their experience overseas and with deeper learning and insights.

Our retreats are designed to indulge you from your normal routine, at the same time with high doses of relaxation and provide tools and practices that you can do when you get home. Healthy habits are best when practiced regularly, come retreat with us to learn how to start getting more Yin in your life.

You are also invited to join us for our signature study tours with health food, nutrition education, TCM and macrobiotics as a focus. These highly immersive trips are an opportunity to expand your knowledge and go deeper in study & expertise. Learning from the best case-studies of health food cafes together with Kimberly’s healthy chef & café experience, and Macrobiotic teachers from around the world, you are in good hands for an engaging and fascinating learning experience. Travel, learn, develop your health food & nutrition skills!

So here we are, your menu for retreats & study tours, please email us to sign up:

Tokyo, Japan

Macrobiotics levels 1-3 training course

“Macrobiotics is a way of life that guides one’s choices in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle. A system of principles and practices of harmony to benefit the body, mind and planet. English origin from Greek “Macro” (large or long) and “Bios” (life of way or living)”

Macrobiotics or living a “big life” was developed by Michio Kushi over 30 years ago and is used to diagnosis illness and imbalance, learn how to use food to rebalance, and adopt practices of healing the physical body, mind & spirit.

Learn about the foundations of Macrobiotic living, cooking, Yin & Yang balance, Food Energetics, Food Therapy, healing tonics, order of the Universe, and life studies with us in Tokyo.

Levels 1-3 are currently being offered throughout the year by the Kushi Macrobiotic school & Yin Lifestyle in Tokyo, in Shanghai. 

To inquire & check dates for 2020-2021 contact us for more information to begin your journey into the wonderful & life changing principles of Macrobiotics.  

Bali, Indonesia

Healthy food study tour & entrepreneurs training


Do you dream of opening your own health food café, juice bar or superfoods restaurant? Do you just love eating all the best and most creative gorgeous healthy plant-based cuisine but just don’t know how the chefs/professionals do it? Or do you just want to eat AMAZING vegan food creations?

Well we have the study tour just for you!

Join Kimberly and a panel of industry experts in Bali for this 10-day foodie HEAVEN with an educational focus and learn about:

  • plant-based nutrition
  • the latest health food trends
  • raw food cuisine
  • macrobiotic cuisine
  • local Balinese cuisine, cooking techniques, spices, herbs & superfoods
  • how to incorporate superfoods into smoothies, juices, desserts & café menus
  • how to do menu planning
  • 2-5 star plating & presentation
  • creating the best atmosphere for guests & global health foodies in a café experience
  • healthy café marketing & business coaching (tailored to the group & any business set-up requirements)
  • how to eat more than 3 meals a day as we indulge our eyes & bellies!

    The 1 week program includes:

  • Daily tours of 2-4 health food cafes/restaurants in Bali, and meals at these venues in tour schedule
  • 1 study manual for our study tour content & training
  • Optional yoga stretch classes each morning in our hotel
  • 3 workshops & lectures on plant-based cuisine for café scene to fine dining
  • 2 business coaching & break-out training sessions
  • 2 cooking classes (one raw food & one Balinese cuisine)
  • 4 star hotel, twin share accommodation
  • Airport to hotel pick up if you are travelling with the group
  • Mini-van for transport each day from hotel to café/restaurant/study venues

    The program does NOT include:

  • Flights to Denpasar, Bali
  • Airport transfers if you are not arriving/traveling with the group
  • Any additional meals you take outside of our program
  • Your own hotel/accommodation if you choose not to stay with our group at designated hotel
  • Taxis or transfers you want to take during the day, especially if you don’t stay at our hotel
  • Extra-curricular activities we can help to organize such as; surf lessons, yoga classes/passes,