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Yin Lifestyle immersion workshops

Our Yin Lifestyle immersions are tailored to the studio, students & season where we are teaching, and are typically 2-3 days duration. Some examples of our most popular workshops include:

  • Yin Lifestyle introduction- overview of our areas of expertise in fun & interactive workshop/s
  • Yin Yoga & Food Therapy (for beginners and/or Yin Yoga teachers)
  • Yin Yoga & Sound healing
  • The power of Sound & holistic relaxation: through practice, theory & planning your own relaxation for daily self care
  • Qigong & Food Therapy
  • Reviving ancient wisdoms of Qigong, Thai yoga massage & relaxation techniques
  • Modern-day Yang overdrive & the need for Yin: theory & practical applications
  • Turn your life upside down on the mat & in the kitchen: a fun workshop encompassing yoga, acro & food to get you thinking and moving with new perspectives on life.

Food Therapy immersion workshops

Food Therapy is one of our core passions; you are what you eat, how you cook it and the mind-state you have. We don’t believe in guilt and deprivation when it comes to food, just cultivating understanding and awareness to be able to make the best choices for your body type & health. In our experience we have found Food Therapy workshops to be popular for those who want to help themselves, heal an illness, and support others in their dietary shifts. More than any trendy diets or fads, we go back to foundations of food therapy, TCM 5 elements and understanding the bigger picture of your internal and external health environment.

Yin Lifestyle food therapy workshops are offered in:

  • Energetics of Food & the Yin-Yang balance
  • Seasonal cooking & food preparation
  • 5 Elements cooking & organ care
  • Dampness & digestion: what Western medicine is missing
  • Yin desserts for relaxation & healthy sweets
  • Yin Yoga & Food Therapy

Acro yoga & acrobatic workshops

Frank teaches acroyoga and acrobatic workshops for all levels and all ages. From kindergarten to school aged and adults, Frank has experience in all acrobatic fields. His specialities are hand to hand (h2h) and ikarias as well as standing acrobatics from easy exercises like bird and throne from acroyoga to flag, high bird (dirty dancing), 3 men high and other standing acrobatics. In all kind of workshops you will have fun and you can learn a lot about technic and balance. Come and join one and get some perspective in your life.

Some workshop themes are as below:

  • Pyramids
  • Trio or more people
  • Kids and parents
  • Standing acro different levels
  • Ikarias different levels
  • Handstands
  • H2H and different entries
  • Blind workshops
  • Dynamic trios
  • Acroyoga

Thai massage workshops

In these workshops Frank teaches the basics of TTM (Traditional Thai Massage) or advanced for people that already have knowledge in TTM. The workshops are suitable for everyone who enjoys therapy, a bit of time out for self-care and massages. For beginners there are no prerequisites necessary and will help those with some health issues, or just come for some true relaxation.

No matter your background our Yin lifestyle Thai yoga massage workshops will offer you tools to treat other people with the TTM and experience new massage techniques.

Current workshop offerings are in:

  • Basics of Thai yoga massage
  • Advanced side positions
  • Advanced Thai yoga massage and stretches
  • Herbal treatment & steam bath therapy